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Offer an Endless Summer and just see what happens

Alexander M. Combstrong
6 min readNov 8, 2022


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Back in 1966, the Beach Boys were sitting on top of the world. At the height of Beatlemania, a Rolling Stone poll put the Beach Boys as number one. Pet Sounds, an album still often touted as the greatest ever, had just been released. Their biggest-ever single, Good Vibrations, would be along next. It would be their last number one song for a long time. Their next album, Smile, was supposed to be a masterpiece to beat Sergent Pepper. It wasn’t to be.

Burnout and mental illness ruined that. Smile was shelved. Its replacement, a part home-recorded Smiley Smile flopped. The flops would continue, despite making a few albums that are well-loved today.

Their careers as megastars was over. Until it wasn’t. In 1974, the band was catapulted back to fame.

And all because of a change of title.

Best of the Beach Boys

At the start of 1974, the band weren’t doing well. Their last three albums had charted at 150, 50 and 36. Their last attempt at a compilation album, Best of the Beach Boys volume 4, stopped at a lowly 153. Capitol records tried again, knowing that best-of compilations are cheap to produce and can turn a profit with relatively few copies sold. Singer Mike Love was called into the office to discuss it.

Best of the Beach Boys Volume 4 was a surefire flop. The band wasn’t cool or current, but the label wanted to put out an album of older songs around the themes of summer, surfing and cars. That’s when the course of the band changed forever. Mike Love didn’t want another Best of the Beach Boys flop. “Okay,” he said. “But don’t call it Best of the Beach Boys Four… Call it…”

“Endless Summer.”

Endless Summer reached number 1 and stayed on the charts for almost 3 years.

The track listing was exactly as was proposed for Best of the Beach Boys Volume 4. It’s got plenty of classics on it – I Get Around, Fun, Fun, Fun, In My Room, Surfin’ USA – and many more. But no one had wanted a Best of the Beach Boys. What people did want, was an endless



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