The Weirdest Things About the Body in the Bushes Opposite My House

When police found a body on my street, I could not have predicted what would happen

Alexander M. Combstrong


Photo by Richard Bell on Unsplash

I woke up one morning to see a police van opposite the house, and police tape cordoning off some of the children’s play park there. The trees and bushes that lined the grassed area were made inaccessible to the public, and another police car rolled down the street to join the van. A small white tent was erected.

It wasn’t long until the local paper printed a story online. A body had been found in the bushes. Police weren’t treating it as suspicious.

A few days before, a story had been printed about a missing person, and people were starting to put two and two together. Whether they reached four, we’ll never know.

I’ve never known anything like it to happen before. I live in a small town in the quiet south of England. I’ve never known anyone involved in any kind of criminal or mysterious death. I’ve never known anyone to be killed or die by anything but natural causes. I’ve only ever known one person in my life to be mugged, and that was back when I lived in a big city. He got away with a bruised face. The type of town I live in now is not used to this kind of thing at all, and nor am I.

So that’s why the body in the bushes came as such a surprise. These things just don’t happen here. Not in real life. We see it on TV in fiction, and it becomes the talk of the made-up street or village. There’s a huge fuss. People worry. It’s the talk of the town. But here’s the really weird thing about what happened in reality:

Not a lot.

Sure, people asked on local social media groups what was going on. That lasted for about a day. People got annoyed with the paper for publishing the story so early, with those in the know saying it was before the family had been informed. The police were gone within a few hours and the tape came down a few hours later. It was hours until it was, for almost everyone who didn’t know the poor person involved, like nothing had happened.

From the very next day, no one seemed to mention it ever again. It was like nothing important had happened. Something you would expect to be a huge…



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